The Need

Misdosing of liquid medications in children is a common occurrence and can have serious consequences. Studies show that 40-60% of parents make errors when giving children liquid medication. (1,2)

In the case of liquid Anti Retroviral Medications (ARVs) for HIV-positive infants and children, delivering the accurate dose of medication is critical to ensuring proper treatment. In low-resource settings with high HIV/AIDS rates, caregivers may lack literacy and numeracy skills, and therefore will struggle to administer the correct dosages of liquid ARVs.

The Solution

The concept for the DoseRight™ Clip was developed as part of a global health program at Rice University to address the important need for accurate dispensing of liquid medication to pediatric patient populations in developing country settings.

The DoseRight™ Syringe Clip allows for accurate measurement of liquid when using an oral syringe. The Syringe Clip is designed specifically to work with certain syringe brands and models.

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